Tennis Aroundme is your free mobile apps - iPhone and Android - who help you to find a partner whether you are ranking or not, whether you search around you or for next holidays place. Find clubs, professionals and tennis partners.

Simple !

Log-in with your facebook account or create an account with your email, in a few seconds you are able to find matchs, clubs abnd profesionnals around you. then, you can make an answer, or create a new TAM.

Pratical !

Whether you are at home, whether your are in business travel or in Holidays, Tennis Aroundme allows you to find new partners or play with people you already know.

Effective !

When you create a new TAM and that someone make an answer, your will be warmed by an alert. Tennis Aroundme is an easy way to find quickly profesionnal around you for balls, accessory, etc.. Tennis Aroundme is also a good way to find club for playing tennis.

For clubs

Tennis Aroundme allows club to be localized and contacted by player who search place to play tennis.

For Profesionnals


Tennis Aroundme allows profesionnals to be localized by people who search for tennis accessories, balls, ans any service that a profesional can purposed.


Tennis Aroundme allows coachs to be localized by peopel who search for private lessons during their holidays or just for progress.